Imperial vs Metric Choice

I just have one simple request for a new feature the Facer Creator. The ability to switch between Imperial and Metric measurements like the “PREFERRED TIME FORMAT” choice. Being able to see at the click of a box if my current project face is switching properly from Imperial to Metric would be very helpful.

It could be as simple as this:

Just one question mate when would this be used i cant think of any items that use measurements in that way?

Normally people that use metric also use celsius

But you can check also windspeed, distance
In theory you can also hide elements acording to the users settings, and if they added this feature you could make sure it works in the creator

That is my point exactly. It would be nice to check on temperature, wind speed, distance walked, etc. Anything that is switched or hidden to test the function before publishing a watch face where there might be an error. I test everything I can possibly test in creator before publishing.

Yer but in the UK we use MPH for speed and C for temps So a more individual choice would be better A setting for each add on ‘unit’ Complication, :slight_smile: Be nice to be able to have say wind speed in both MPH and KPH