Import from to

All my faces are on the old website and none of them were imported to the new website. Is there an easy way to import all my previous faces to the new website?

Hey @Shagster68! We’re going to work with facerepo to see if we can enable something like that. Would love to see your content directly integrated in our platform!

@Shagster68: if you still have all your .face files, we may be able to set them up for you on our platform. Do you still have them somewhere yourself, or would you need to export them from facerepo?

Yes, I have them all.

@Shagster68: could you put them somewhere on a dropbox or GDrive link, and send us the link at We’ll review internally and see if there’s an easy way for us to make this happen. Make sure you also share with us the email address associated to your Facer account.