Import of existing watchfaces to Creator

How can i import an existing watchface for my Samsung Gear S 3 into Facer Creator to modify this watchface to my needs???

Unless the face has interactive/edit features, I don’t think you can edit another designer’s work to meet your needs. Why not contact the designer to see if he will make changes for you?

@Linlay I think @stubbings meant one of the stock faces that came with the s3. If this is the case stabbings then you cannot. Thoes faces are not built with the Facer creator so they cannot be imported. Some designers like to build for others requests though. Maybe describe what you’re looking for and someone might take on the challenge for you.

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“stock faces”, ah, that’s different. Although both my Fossil and Moto watches gave me an option to change elements on their stock faces based on my needs. No clue about S3. I’ve also changed features on my designs upon request by my Followers here. @stubbings I think the suggestion by Orakix to ask someone to create something is a good one. Carry on! :slight_smile:

Yes s3 does have some options depending upon what face you use.