Impossible to apply my creation

Hi !
i am a french…sorry !
and sorry for my english language :wink:

since few weeks, it’s impossible to apply my creations on ma galaxy watch 42mm.
I am blacked to the tripple tap screen…

i need your help please

Facer is installed on watch and phone.
Installed, desintalled, re installed, restart phone, app, watch…

Many thanks for your help !

Olivier AKA dr34m5 r1d3r :wink:

Im still fairly new here and not a creator but

  1. You mentioned what you have done, deinstalled, reinstalled, etc but did not mention whether you checked app permission on your watch. I assume you did just verifying.

  2. have you tried switching to your watches stock face and back again?

Hopefully someone with more experience then me will chime in, until then you may want to contact @Facer_Official
Or email support durectly
You should be able to find their email address on the homepage

Good luck

Did you select watch 4 as your watch in facer app on the phone?

Facer (app on the phone) - settings - watch settings - select your watch