In the last hour, my watch faces do not load in Facer Creator

Happily toiling away in Facer Creator making another watch one minute and in the next minute I am now unable to go back into the very same file/watch face I was JUST working on. The site seems normal, all other areas of the site load up just fine. When I go into Facer Creator though, my page loads up with all my watches but when i click on any one of them to edit…the frame of the page loads and thats about it.
Any thoughts on this?

That’s weird, it’s all working fine for me right now.
Maybe the old “switch everything off and start again” could help :thinking:

I did that…nothing is happening. This is all I see after 10 minutes of waiting for the page to load.

Seems to work now. Logged out of site, restart again. It’s a little un-nerving though as it’s all in the clouds. I dont like cloudsTBH, I like to have more physical access to my material. This brings up the question that I have always forgotten to ask…Is there anyway to back up your Facer watches? Or are we solely dependent on everything being on the cloud?

That looks a problem with your Internet connection, but hey, I’m no expert sorry…

it could be a number of things including my 2011 awesome MacBook Pro which still runs as good as the day I bought it. However, Apple is now making it ever more impossible for me to continue to use it as I can no longer update it anymore. I suppose I should be happy to squeeze this many years out of it, but I am not.:smiley:

There isn’t a way to backup the work as far as I know. I have established a number of bezels, tick marks, and other templates to create my style of faces. But because of this backup issue, I am intending to create my newer faces fully in my favourite drawing tool (CorelDraw).

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That’s a great way to do it, I have loads of elements saved up on a USB stick.

Oh yeah, all my art, elements etc, etc, are all drawn from scratch in Illustrator and Photoshop. That’s all backed up of course. I was just wondering if you could back up whatever the “facer” files are on a HD,USB, Dropbox, what have you.

I have created my own “supply room” of all kinds of gears, cogs, hands, datewheels, guilloche patterns that I have drawn over the years.


Yes I have a few resources stashed away in google drive. As to the original query, I’ve been experiencing a couple of glitches with creator too. My issues surround rendering not loading though and have attributed them to my old chromebook. This now looks like it may not be the case if others are having issues.

The replies above refer to Coreldraw and Photoshop which, as far as I know are both not free software. I think that it is important to mention that there are free alternatives. I personally use Inkscape, Paint and for my needs and all are free