In the works... "Mystique"

Hi all

This is in the works… love to hear your feedback…

Trying to create an elegant, simple watch face with minimal clutter, so what do you think looks better:



I like the dial background and of the the two I prefer the first. I also like the red colour but I’m not sure how well it will be seen on a watch - on mine, dark red tends to merge into the background.

I like the hands.

I like it very much. The clock is limited to the essential. At work I wear a smartwatch with a small display and would prefer the second version ;-). Privately I wear another clock and tend to version one. I really like the colors.

Thank you all for the feedback…

@chpschubje; it makes sense, since I’m not on pro (I would have loved to make one version with a tocuh to change the look) I will make 2 versions for both

@oregon900; actually the hands took the most time on illustrator, thanks

@mikeoday; I took a picture of the face installed on my Galaxy Watch, sorry for the quality…


Looks like the hands show up very well on your watch - well done!

Just published…

Mystique I

Mystique II



Very nice!