Inaccurate Step Count

I’ve noticed that all Facer faces show an inaccurate step count on my Moto360 (3rd Gen). It just doesn’t equal what the fit data shows. For example, right now, Fit is showing a step count of 8435, and my watch face is showing 7827. If I switch to one of the Moto watch faces, it shows the correct step count (8435). It’s not related to a specific face, it seems to happen with all of them. Any ideas what’s going on?

I’ve noticed that “sometimes” it takes Facer a little longer to recognize what the step count is. I’ve noticed it changes from being correct to lagging sometimes, but not for long. You might consider making sure you have the latest Facer watch and phone apps installed. You could also restart your watch, I’ve noticed that seems to fix a lot of Facer issues.

I encountered the same. Not only the stepcount is “a little late”, but also the weather objects, f.e. current temperature, wind speed or -direction.
After a while it’s ok, so we all have to be patient :smiley: