Incorrect statistics?

Hi, I’ve noticed that the statistic numbers are different from the sync numbers listed on the creator page. Is this a known bug? Does anyone know why this is happening?

More examples:

Is it possible that followers are not displayed correctly either?
I see messages about new followers, but the number on my user page stays the same.

Been wondering too about the stats. I figured out, that your own syncs are in the stats overview, but not under you watch face in the creator.

I’ve heard excuses, but no real answers. I’ve found that sometimes they can be significantly different. Who knows which one is correct, or at least close?
I don’t have PRO any more, so its not an issue for me, but it constantly annoyed me when I did have it.

Recently there was an error in the server or in the facer software, and both the followers and the statistics were displayed wrong for a while, it is possible that this caused the error that you comment.
that error affected many users, it may be that, in any case you can always send a ticket to Facer support

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Recently? They were never in the same ballpark the whole year I had a PRO subscription.

Thank you for your opinions and experiences.

It strikes me as a deliberate manipulation of statistics. This is how statistics can be managed. In statistics, the numbers are always lower. And if it takes a year or so longer, it’s weird!

After 9 hours of publication, there is the same problem. The numbers are different

In my experience, they will never be equal.

Maybe there is a difference between unique syncs and all syncs?
I remember when I had pro, it would also show my own syncs, even before publish date

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I don’t understand why anyone on the team doesn’t comment. It would be nice to add basic information to what statistics show.


I’m still waiting on a total number of “likes” for each watch face. If for no other reason to help give an idea of how many people are viewing the face whether they sync it or not.

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I really don’t understand how the numbers are so different and it’s getting worse.

Check this:

I think it may be due to periodic updates.