Increase size of Color Selection Tool

Is there any way to make this color selector bigger?

It is the biggest pain in the butt trying to select something from the right bar or the main section.

Make it 2 or 3 times bigger. It’s killing me.

@eradicator09 we have on our roadmap to improve our color picker - we’ll make sure it’s bigger/better!

… I do fully understand you @eradicator09 !

Here is my frustration field :wink: (glow effect at text):

@Facer_Official could you please also take it on the roadmap? :wink:

@Tomas what’s the exact issue? That the sliding bar isn’t precise enough? what would you like to see there instead?

Hello @Facer_Official, thanks for prompt reply.

Exactly - the bar is for me not enough precise (especially at lower values 1,2…4). The best thing would be to have (also) a field where I could write the exact number I wish to have (maybe at advance settings at the right side - similar to the “font size”).

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Got it!

The frustration I have with the glow bar is that it only seems to control spread, not intensity. Anything over 5 or so it starts to disappear.

My biggest requests would be ‘select multiple layers’, 'send later to front/ back ’ and 'colour gradient ’ functions

@Facer_Official I take this opportunity to request that the timeline be edited so we can see a specific time!