"Infiniti" my firts analog Clock-Face

“Infiniti” is a simple analog clock in which, in addition to the second hand, a spiral animation moves with a light color gradient.


Nice, simple, and clean design, it’s well put together. I must comment once more about the name on your logo though sorry: the sizing looks spot on now, but I still can’t make out the name sorry, and this time I’m thinking maybe a change of Font style? At the end of the day, it’s your design though, so it’s all about whatever you’re happy with…nice creation Raven :clap:

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Yeah, I agree with Gizmo - you seem to have a style of your own so I think it deserves for your name to be out there and easy to read :slight_smile: It’s up to you though :slight_smile:

Regarding the face itself I have only one thing to bring to your attention - hour markers are a bit too dark, I had to really squint to see they’re actually there as I originally thought they’re missing.
I can either advise to make them a little lighter, or even the same color as markers between hours, just a different shape to stand out. It should help with readibility.

It doesn’t change the fact that from what I’ve seen so far, I like your style :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I didn’t even notice that with the Hour Markers before, well spotted Akar :+1:

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Thank you for your feedback … there are just things that you can’t see in “Design-insanity”.
I have now made the hour markers brighter.
I will revise the topic with my logo in the days


That is so true! That’s why I’ve started sharing my designs early in design process so that flaws can be pointed out to me :slight_smile: and I can fix them early. I’ve been scared of doing so initially but the most active members here turned out to be respectful and full of constructive criticism so I’m just trying to return the favor :slight_smile: