Info dashboard sugestions wanted please

Hello All
I’m an info junkie and I love watching the weather.
I’ve looked through hundreds of faces but Im looking for the ultimate (more info the better) face. The only thing is I would like the barometric pressure displayed on the face also, there lies my problem, I just cant find many (if any).
Could someone sugest faces please I’d appreciate it.

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We designer don’t have that info from the weather api, no barometric data, no altitude, no wind data. Theres some faces that shows barometric presure but it’s a educated guess from other data like temperature and condition. Greetings!

Well thank you for that information Carlos, I was not aware of that. Is there a reason you don’t get access to the weather api? That sucks, there is much missing information without it. Your aniweather face is one if my top favourites, but I wondered why no barometer, now I know.
Thank you.

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Facer developers translate api data to tags that we all can use. I don’t know why those are not available yet… Greetings!

I too want something that shows as much as possible, temp, humidity, Dew Point, barometric pressure in inHg, altimeter, wind and direction, compass, etc. All of those are important to me from both a weatherbug stand point, and the sports I participate in, as well as hiking/mountaineering. It would seem a no brainer to include the Api. But alas, one of the best uses of the watch goes without use.