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Guys, did I receive a charge from a Zidan app?
Can anyone tell me what this is?

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Nothing to do with Facer. If you have not logged in to Zidan. Change all your passwords Imediatly.

Do you say the password for all apps?

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You need to check and see if you have that Zidan App on your Phone / Tablet or Laptop. Did the invoice say what you Bought. I can not help you that much with your Browsing security. You need someone local.

Got it buddy…difficult to find here.
There was an installment charged on my card if uninstalling it would solve the program?
Wouldn’t there be more charges?

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  1. Run a security scan on your device(s) with whatever security you are using.
  2. Report the issue to your card company and see what they say about your question regarding charges. Sometimes scammers will tell you that an amount has been charged to your card along with a number to contact them for questions. Don’t do that! Just contact the card company’s official number on the documentation for your card.