Initial face loads, then on shuffle it just gives a blank screen followed by the splash screen

I am on the beta program. The watch is an LG Urbane. I have shuffling set from my favorites for every 15 minutes. My watch has Always On screen set to ON and Tilt to wake set to OFF. I have had this issue for multiple weeks now and have received multiple updates during that time but the issue persists. As described in the heading:

  1. I go to Favorites and turn watchface shuffle on. The first face loads fine.
  2. Sometime later I look and my watch is black.
  3. I tap the screen and get the Facer splash screen.
  4. After a long wait I get a new watch face.
  5. Later during the day this happens again. I have not yet timed it to verify that it is ocurring at shuffle but assume it is.

Any suggestions for this?

This is fixed with the latest beta release!