Inspired to make creator only faces

I have recently been inspired by @russellcresser to create some faces using only the resources available in the creator. OK I have made a fuss in the past about missing the old stickers, especially for watch and phone and you guys were great in rescuing them to the resources.
Here I made as close as I could get with shapes but still keeping it as simple as possible while adding some useful expressions for things like battery colour fade using real percentage numbers rather than fractions.
Only difference so far is one is Numerals and the other isn’t. Very basic but we shall see.


This is what the Community is for. Very Inspiring Blue to Red Colour Morph Gauge. Brilliant. :100::dart:


Very nice, i like how you managed to fill the hands, clever idea.

I do often try to use as few imported elements as possible, but there are things that can’t be “created” in creator, like blurr or gradient in colour/opacity. Some fonts are nice, but some I still have to import. Also the built in effects like glow or stroke on texts are for years broken on some watches.


Actually, the hands were directly lifted from @russellcresser


Yes, now you mentioned it, I noticed that one, just did not “study” it earlier :slight_smile:

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