Install Facer on Moto 360

hi, i don’t know how to install Facer on Moto 360 watch.
i have bluetooth ready and wi-fi on and connect right.
but Moto 360 miss keyboard and playstore program inside.
i can use microphone to say: open play store.
after a little, the watch say: now continue to your phone.
i don’t know what to do for have facer on the watch.
thank for the help.

I am not sure if this is a problem with Facer’s app or the watch. Is your watch a Gen 1 or Gen 2 360? Motorola stopped selling and supporting Gen 2 in the US 2-3 years ago. If Facer cannot solve your problem, you might try posting at Motorola’s forum. Wearables and Accessories - Lenovo Community. Perhaps you will find another 360 owner who can help.

hi, i have moto 360 gen.1
now the problem was solved (alone).
after try to send faces for 1 day,
finally last time the watch had
sync with Facer.
i don’t know why and i’m sure
i don’t have touch nothing a part
to press send face.

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