Installing on multiple watches

can i install on multiple watches i have mine and my daughters do i need two accounts

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You will only need two accounts if you want to use different watch faces at the same time. Considering you said your daughter I would almost guarantee she will want to wear different watch faces than you will. I personally use two accounts just for myself. I use one on my daily wear watch and this one for my publishing and testing.


Hey mister! :grin: I just want to let you know that I was checking out your collection of watch faces and I passed through the great wall of China 6 times trying to scroll through them all. :joy: Did you start this app or something. I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere near that many from one person. Maybe you have the 60,000 faces. :smirk: How in the world do you get any sleep or work for that matter? Great job, I was exhausted after spending a week looking at all your work. :eyes::person_raising_hand:

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Right now, I have 2,086 watch faces published and another 89 in various degrees of completion waiting to be finished and published. I’ve been on Facer since June of 2019. I needed something to do after I retired from work in 2018 and this is a good creative outlet for me. I’m a former General Motors Service Technician who specialized in automotive electronics. I am also an Amateur “Ham” Radio Operator. Doing this fits in nicely with my life. :grin: