Installing the app onto a same-model Galaxy Watch

I installed the app on my phone, and I was prompted to install the app onto the watch, and I downloaded some faces with no problem. Unrelated to all this, I had a problem with my Galaxy Watch and I had to exchange it for a new one.

Now, the app on the phone and web shows Galaxy watch as already paired, and I can find no way to install the app onto the new watch. I can’t remove the watch from the phone app to re-install it. I even uninstalled the app, created a new account, and logged back in. It immediately showed that Galaxy Watch was my device and there’s no way to install the app onto the watch.

Any ideas how to pair up the watch with the Facer app?

Hi @davidweesner!

Can you try searching for Facer in the Galaxy Store on your phone? You should be able to force-reinstall Facer on your watch that way.

I’m in a similar situation. New watch arrived today. I’ve downloaded the app to my watch (Samsung Galaxy) and I’ve downloaded the app to my phone (iPhone X multiple times now) and when I scan the QR code it almost seems as though it’s not really scanning it.

  1. The Facer default watch face works on my watch
  2. I can scroll through the 5 options of the day on my watch
  3. I can not push the watch face from my phone to the watch - says sent but still default.

I’ve uninstalled on both devices and re-installed and only able to do 1-3 above.

Any help would be appreciated as I really like the watch faces on Facer.

Thanks in advance

This worked! Thank you very much.

I find that I can only store one Facer face on my watch at once. Choose Facer as your watch face, and only the last one downloaded shows up. Is this normal?