Interactive DigInfo i-Forecast

Thanks to Facer for making the PRO version available. I hope you like my first interactive effort.
I applied Activity, Calendar and Weather app launchers to the standard RichM DigInfo Forecast_01 face. Tap on the Date (Calendar), Steps (Activity), Heart Rate (Activity), Temp (Weather) or Forecast (Weather) to launch the apps.

Thanks also to the inspiration from so many great designers in the Facer Community. Lots of talent!



I must confess i am not such a fan of information rich watches but this looks very nice. Good color combinations.

Greetings, GAUSS.

Thanks Gauss!
If I had a better command of graphics design as you do, I’d do more work with Analog as well. I have a love for both. I remember my first Casio Databank watch. Amazing to have actual names and phone numbers on my wrist :wink:

Of course, the artistry and sophistication of a well designed Citizen, Breitling, Longines, Tag, etc. is hard to ignore.

Appreciate the feedback as always!

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Cool! It’s actually pretty difficult to fit all that information on a small screen AND make it clear to read.
Good job!

Thanks! Helpful to my design work are my horrible eyes, so readability is a must.

I’m working on some interesting ideas for i-Forecast_02 to build on the model.