Introduce yourself!

Welcome @Barti002 and @The.Fulgid! Can’t wait to see what you create!

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Cześć @Barti002 ! hello @The.Fulgid !

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Hello all! The name’s Anthony and I just got into wearables on June 14th (I received a Huawei Watch for my birthday). I’ve worked in graphics for years now, and I’m enjoying creating functional designs. I love analogs, which is obvious by my submissions:

Thank you to the folks at Facer for creating a wonderful interface for me to bring my designs to life!

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Welcome @apalileo! Great designs so far!

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Hello, just joined the board. I have an LG Urbane 2nd Edition, AT&T LTE -

I have previously created Faces for Samsung Gear S2 using the Gear Watch Designer Program. I like how that was an installed program that was an Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Like Program for Designing Faces.

Was cool and all, but very glitchy, in Beta, and doesn’t seem to be supported currently.

Anywho, I’m LOVING my Android wear compared to using Tizen, and discovering today how powerful Facer can be to create a face.

I have some questions about creating a face.

I have looked into getting a “gif animation effect” and see that the best way would be to do a conditional. I want the animation to be a rotation that will have 60 frames, and set each image to something like:

5 images Tag for Example -

$ #Ds# == “0” ? 1 : 0 $
$ #Ds# == “1” ? 1 : 0 $
$ #Ds# == “2” ? 1 : 0 $
$ #Ds# == “3” ? 1 : 0 $
$ #Ds# == “4” ? 1 : 0 $
$ #Ds# == “5” ? 1 : 0 $

To Clarify, does #Ds# (Second in minute) run from 1-60? Is the #DsZ# Second in minute (leading zero) 0-59?

Does the above conditional look like it will work?

[edit] What about using the Second Hand rotational value?

#DseT# Value for second hand rotation 330

This sounds like it would be smoother, but pooling from 360 images (360 degree rotation) rather than 60 images 1 per second?
[/end edit]

Also, one thing that disappointed me, is that it says the dpi of the images used in other templates for facer need to be 72ppi. The Urbane 2 is ~348ppi. Any way of doing higher resolution images?

I look forward to creating some awesome faces!

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Been messing about creating simple fun watchfaces since May - including a rubbish tribute to Leicester City football club.
Now I want to try and use more advanced features and end up with a watchface that is readable without wearing glasses and I’ll probably throw in some unnecessary “feature”, because I can.

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Hello All!

Daniel here I’ve made a few watchfaces recently, I may have a lot of “dumb” questions soon, but i really want to learn more to help get more people to get this amazing app. It’s the easiest way to make faces and so far I really love it, I just want to learn more. I have a small clothing brand I’ve been doing for a little over a year now and want to make some matching themes for those too.


Awesome stuff @danielcarino!

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@theratdude64 We have a topic going on gif style animations! Check it out and feel free to jump in with any questions! [Tutorial] How To Code Animation

Hello everyone,

I’m Kevin from France :large_blue_circle: :white_circle: :red_circle:

I create watchfaces on Facer since the beginning of the year. Before I was create on other applications, that I will not quote (but which are good) but since I discovered Facer is the top ! :+1:
It lacks a few things (change the backlight timeout period) and there are little bug (exemple) but the principle of creating his watch with the web client and not on the phone, it’s really nice. :wink:

:watch: = LG G Watch R.
My watchefaces are here ^^

Good creation to all. :computer:

(Sorry for my English… Google Translate helps me ^^)


Salut Kevin, t’inquiètes pas pour ton Anglais, on a des Francais ici aussi :wink: Content que tu preferes Facer à la competition! J’adorerais en savoir plus! Peux tu m’emailer a et me dire ce qui t’as fait changer des autres applications a Facer et les quelques trucs qui te manque encore pour qu’on s’assure qu’on reste #1? :slight_smile:



Hi all! Just joined the community yesterday and have already created a few faces just for fun. I’ve also run into some problems with it, but I’m sure I’ll figure them out once I search the rest of the topics on here!

I’m brand new to the smartwatch world, but I’m already loving the fact that I can create my own faces! Because why be default when you don’t have to be, right?! Anyway, from what I’ve seen in this community, I’m sure to enjoy myself!

Oh, and I own a Sony SmartWatch 3 as was given to me on my birthday 2 weeks ago. My husband & I use Net10 as our phone provider, so I’m not sure how that’ll effect the performance or overall usefulness of the watch. Guess we’ll see!

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@sapph1retw1n Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions about how to get started, & enjoy!


Hey , I’m Lennard and i just got an old moto 360.
Doing my best whith the designs and i’m trying to get some cool effects from the facer creator.
Would be awsome if you make even more customization possible =) Found many small bugs but don’t know how to report them

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Hello to you all. I’m new today to this group. I want to create a simple 2 frame animation that changes once per second and will also function as background. I have NO programming experience but am very excited about creating some custom watch faces for myself and to share with any other interested folks. I read that gif animation doesn’t work here. Any help or suggestions?

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Hi all… I’m Lukas from Südtirol… I like to make facewatch with Beta creator… Danke

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Hello all,
I’m John - got my first Android wear watch and started creating watchfaces. Working on my first one. Finally, something real to feed my 15 year PhotoShop addiction.

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Hi, I’m John from Scotland and happy first time owner of an Android Smartwatch.

I’ve made three basic watch faces already, but want to get into the nitty gritty and push my knowledge (basically ask a lot of questions).

Feel free to say hi.

Mar sin leat

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Hello all glad to be here really looking forward to some nice watch faces

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