Introducing Android Wear and Samsung Gear Support on Facer iOS!

At Facer we believe that the smartwatch is one of the most personal digital devices out there — and we’re obviously huge fans of being able to customize and supercharge the smartwatch to your heart’s content. Choice matters when it comes to your devices, and we’re proud to announce that Facer iOS now supports combinations of the iPhone with Android Wear and Samsung Gear watches!

While our Facer iOS application has been available for quite some time, it was previously exclusive to Apple Watch users. We love the Apple Watch, but we always miss the full customization and beautiful watch face designs available on Samsung and Android Wear watches. One of our top requests at Facer was to provide support to users who have an iPhone and one of these devices — and we’re excited to deliver.

How to Get Started

Ok ok, you’ve heard enough and you want to start syncing watch faces? Let’s get you started!

Install Facer on your iPhone and on your smartwatch:

  • Install Facer on your iPhone: download Facer for iOS.
  • Install Facer on your smartwatch: for Android Wear, go here, for Samsung Gear S2/S3 go here, or search for “Facer” in the Gear App Store.

Connect Facer iPhone to your smartwatch:

  • Once you have these installed, just open Facer iOS and follow the instructions:
  • Select your smartwatch type: Android Wear or Samsung Gear
  • On your smartwatch, after having selected Facer as your watch face, tap 4 times on the screen to display your QR code
  • Scan your QR code using the Facer app on your phone to connect the two together.

That’s it! You are now able to sync any of our thousands of free faces* to your Android Wear or Samsung Gear smartwatch. Not sure where to start? Have a look at our most popular faces!

~ The Facer crew

*Currently only our collection of free watches are available, but we’re working on supporting our entire collection in the near future, so stay tuned!


Awesome ! Great job Facer !

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i have a problem on android wear app, i cant generate code. It said Please check internet connection. I can spin faces 10 times normally. I’m using zenwatch 3 aw 2.0. i did re-install 2 times. Please fix it.

@binnicotin1410 one thing you can check is that your ‘feed’ is enabled in the Android Wear app on your iPhone. Open the app and go into settings (gear at the top). It should be the second item down, ‘Your Feed’. This must be turned to ‘on’ in order for our app to work. Let me know if this helps!

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IGreat update but I’m having issues. My Gear S3 is clearly synced with my iPhone via Bluetooth (tested the connection to be sure). I have Facer installed on my phone and watch and once I find a watch face I like I click the send to watch button. The app reports that it’s been sent. Then I wait and nothing happens. I was able to sync one face once. Even tried the setup over again. Can’t see where I’m going wrong.

Post Edit: Generally how long does it take for the watch face to appear on the watch once the send to watch button is elected. I just noticed about ten minutes after I selected one that it is just getting to my watch now. Unfortunately after about five minutes the installation failed.

Post Post Edit: It appears the syncing problem was over bluetooth. When I turned my Bluetooth off and the watch paired with my WiFi the watch face came over in a split second and did not fail. So if anyone is having issues like me just go to the WiFi on your watch.


Thank you very much. It works though I can’t enable feed because of location not supported :))

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FINALLY! Thanks very much guys. And maybe on the next release, you can give us a chance to log in with our account on the app. But this is a step in right direction!

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Thank you very much. The same here. Watch faces sync instantly when WIFI is turned on and bluetooth off. Works great now.

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Thanks @merlynny and @Armenak, we’ll investigate the bluetooth issue as well.

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Great addition to the Facer lineup.
As mentioned above, there’s no account login on the IOS Facer app.
Can anyone tell me of a method to send a new design from Facer Creator to my Gear S3 connected to an iPhone since the iPhone app doesn’t see my Facer account?

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I just switched to an iphone but still have a Gear S2 but i cant find any of the watch faces i purchased…

Sounds like a similar issue to mine. The iPhone Facer app does not log in to your Facer account, so it has no reference to your past purchases or the Facer Creator in my case. I also have an Android phone with Gear S2 and the Android Facer app has an account login that is used for purchases.

While two different apps entirely, a competitors app on iPhone logs in to your account so purchases made via Android are available to install on the iPhone-paired watch.

I’d love to see account compatibility on the FACER for IOS app.

Merlynny’s problem appears with my Gear S3 - iPhone combo as well.
I found what appears to be a reproducible solution.

  1. Sync from iPhone says “sent”, but nothing appears on the watch.
  2. On the watch, select a non-Facer watch face (any other standard Tizen face)
  3. On the watch, re-select Facer and you will see the previous face installed again
  4. Try sending the new Facer face from the iPhone now.
    In my tests, this is successful to re-establish the synch connection and faces can be re-sent.
    A little annoying, but only takes a few seconds to resolve.

If you try this and it’s not successful, let me know.

thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Sorry to hear that Jos.
So, I finally upgraded to Tizen and like you, found that my previous solution didn’t work this time. Are you running Tizen 3 also?

I was able to power off the watch, power it back up and the face downloaded. Not an easy solution, but will have to suffice for now.

I’ll continue to research easier steps.


is there an app to make your own watch faces or are we limited to desktop versions or online facer creator? …im trying to make a face for my sons tball team logo and i cant get the online creator to go to scale for my screen. If its limited to these im gonna have to miss out on making my own, as i only have mobile devices at the moment.

I use the web creator on my phone with the google chrome app. I’m not sure if all smartphones are strong enough for it though. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Most of my designs start out hand drawn with my phone on the go. There is a bit of a learning curve because it doesn’t always act the same way as a PC but It gets the job done. Samsung’s internet browser doesn’t work however and Ive not tried Firefox or any others. I hope this helps, good luck!

If you’re using an iPhone, you can’t scale the Facer Creator web version to your screen and can’t scroll either. So, using the Facer Creator on an iPhone is a no go. I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I’ll try it on my Samsung Galaxy like Syntaxracing describes, but wonder why you wouldn’t just want to use a computer to access a full screen Facer Creator app (either the web app or Mac OS standalone if you have one.)

You should be able to create some impressive faces with the team logo and then publish to Facer from the computer. You can then install the logo face to the watches (more than one if you have a team of watch owners) from the watch’s paired phone (iPhone or Android.)

You shouldn’t have to miss out on using this great tool. Just not designed directly on your phone.

When will Gear S3 users on IOS be able to purchase watch faces? I thought this feature was coming awhile back but don’t see any way to do it. Please advise.

Coincidentally, I asked the same thing in another thread earlier today in follow up to previous inquiries. Speaking with some other Facer for IOS users, I’m not alone wanting to pay for faces as well. You can see my post in the Support category earlier today.