Introducing Facer 4.0 and the Watchmaker Series

Hi all!

We’re very excited to share that Facer 4.0 is now live, and introduces the Watchmaker Series - a new tier of watch faces from top tier traditional watchmakers from Switzerland, Germany, and the US. You can read the full announcement at

This Facer 4.0 release is platform wide and introduces changes on all components. Please find the detailed changelog below:


  • Introducing exclusive “Watchmaker Series” category, reserved to verified partners from the traditional watch industry
  • Introducing exclusive “Official Brands” category, reserved to verified partners from the media industry (TV, Movies, Music, Video Games, etc.)

Facer Mobile + Watch

  • Support for verified users
  • Introducing Wrist Selfies - share your favorite watch faces and your style on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Premium users can now show a cover image in their profile screen
  • Users can now link their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Dribbble accounts on their profile

Facer Web Platform

  • Support for verified users
  • Major UI refresh, focused on showcasing designs more clearly and putting designers forward
  • Homepage updated to showcase Watchmaker Series
  • New dropdown on Browse Watchfaces option showing all categories
  • Premium collections now allow for intro videos
  • Premium watch faces now include a carousel of supporting videos, images, and a link to learn more about the product
  • New showcase view to see faces in full screen
  • New embeddable widgets to make sharing and/or curating watch faces on the web a breeze
  • New Analytics view for watch faces (premium users only)
  • New Copyright/Trademark protection tool (premium partners only)
  • New Partners sign-up page, for watch and media brands to get their brands deployed on the Facer platform

Facer Creator

  • New native client for Windows (out of beta)
  • Updated splash screen for macOS and Windows native clients to showcase designers and brands participating in the Facer platform
  • New Showcase view to preview watch face on screen before testing it on device
  • Access to stats for watch faces (premium designers only)

Note that a number of these features are only available for premium partners today but will be progressively rolled out to a broader audience in the next few weeks.

We are already working on a few fixes and tweaks to some of these features, but feel free to share your thoughts/requests in this thread and we’ll do our best to incorporate your feedback in the upcoming releases.

The whole Facer team would like to thank YOU for being part of this amazing community and defining the future of wearables and fashiontech with us! We can’t wait to help you take over everybody’s wrists!

The Facer crew


Is there a recommended size for this?

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1500x500 - we’ll make sure to add a note in our next update!


@Facer_Official, I’d love to have access to more stats, but I’m wondering if I will ever get to premium (3K syncs on 3+ watchfaces), since I design for women (and only some women like my aesthetics).

Can you please disclose how many female users in total are in the Facer community?


Still wrong step count on Gear S3. Weather data seems to be completely made up too.

I cannot log in into my Creator webpage after update and browser-based Creator are down for me right now.

We saw a massive traffic spike related to this launch and our servers temporarily got over capacity - we’re back up and stable now. Sorry about that!

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Why is there still no option for a notification reminder/indicator? After AW 2.0 update it is impossible to see if you have a notification at a glance without interacting with the watch which is bizarre and ridiculous in my opinion.

I likey:

Watch count seems a little off though. Only says “20” on my profile, and scrolling down does not load the rest. (on the website).

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I see about 100 faces on your page.

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@eradicator09 that looks like a bug - we’ll fix asap.


Was that on the Website or Mobile App? I’m on Chrome website from my desktop computer.

@eradicator09 on the website… When the page first loads it says 20 DESIGNS. If you scroll down and let more load, then scroll back up, you’ll see the count rise. 40 DESIGNS… 80 DESIGNS… etc.


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Yeah it just would never load for me. Probably the server traffic issue they were having yesterday. Haven’t check it yet this morning. No big worries. I wonder how often people read the profile bios anyway.

I did just notice on the app (mobile) that the bio doesn’t scroll. Past a certain text point it cuts off and there is no way to expand to read the rest.

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Also noticed you can’t attach a picture in forum while on mobile app. Am I missing something? Was the option there before?

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Nice banner, @eradicator09! I’m green with envy.

I wanna edit my banner. :sob:

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Thanks I took that picture last summer.