Introducing Facer Creator for Windows (BETA)

Hi all!

We are very excited to announce today the release of Facer Creator for Windows in beta!

This first release will be the first of many and is intended to bring Facer to even larger crowd of designers! We can’t wait to see what you will create!

The beta can be downloaded here.

As usual, if you find any bugs or have any feedback, let us know in this thread and we’ll do our best to correct them for our next release!

The Facer crew


Let the testing begin!


Be kind! It’s a beta :wink: But we’re working on it!
Make sure you give us a wishlist of new feature that are specific to Windows and would make your life easier.

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How does this differ from the web-site creator?

zooming in and click to grid/alignment tools would be good!

  1. when changing installation location it would be nice if installer would automatically add “\Facer creator”, for example when I intend to instal it on my D drive and not C.

  2. add an option to decide if I want to create a shortcut on my pulpit, or not.

  3. I checked this app using CFF Explorer and your app cannot handle more than 2 GB addresses.

  4. a 64bit version would be appreciated.

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  1. When hitting the “TAGS” button to get the list of possible tags, sometimes the app does not do a thing. I have to click inside the target text box in order to get the tags.
  2. The “Sync It” feature does not work. I have tried to “Sync It” two of my watch faces and nothing happens on my watch, although the Creator app tells me that the face has been sent to the watch. Tried several times, same results. My watch had the Facer face enabled and the Facer app was open and on-focus on my phone.
  3. The “setup.exe” file of the installer .zip file, both Panda Antivirus and McAfee tag it as a virus. The actual installer is clean and I installed without a problem.

Feature requests:

  1. Search capability for TAGS. For example, if I am looking for a tag about “battery”, as soon as I begin typing “battery”, the app shows me all battery-related tags. This suggestion is good for the Mac and Web creator as well.
  2. Ability to change the color of the grid.
  3. Ability to change the size of the grid.
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I don’t like it…

I LOVE IT!!:grinning: Boosts productivity!!! Although beta works like a charm!

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Anybody else having an issue with the Time bar? When I try and move the time to 12:00:00 it reads out the time of my computer instead.

Wish List Ideas:

  1. With all shapes, add an outer (the normal) radius, and an inner radius
  2. Add a feather function to all shapes
  3. Add ability to produce a gradient with 2 colors
  4. Add sliders under the time machine for gyro and/or accelerometer
  5. Add a value for height on the drop shadow button (similar to the stroke counter).
    5b) Add option to make the shadow responsive to gyro
  6. Add ability to group elements under a folder (with the option to hide/unhide all)
  7. Add the ability to align or create a center point for an image. For instance a free form hand indicator locked to the center of the watch face.

That would be perfect :wink: :+1:

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I just downloaded the Facer Windows App “FacerCreator-3.0.0 beta” . I can’t use the application as when ever I start it, It shows me a prompt on splash screen which reads:

The app took too long to load and will now close. Please try again later after solving the issue.

Can someone tell me what’s the issue and how to resolve it? I am using it on Windows 8.1.

Maybe you could make an android app for chromebooks.

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I know, what would be a must for a windows app like this:
An offline mode!

I understand that it would be impossible to access previously created faces but:

  1. There should be a fully offline version of “Facer Documentation” (this would help also with online editing - fewer programs opened at the same time).

  2. One should be able to start creating a new face when in offline mode, save it on his/hers PC and then when access to the internet is available it would send it to his/hers account and delete the local version.


Pls give us a ZOOM!!!


I’d like animated .gif support and the ability to zoom in which makes placement of small objects just that much easier

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It is not running on Windows 10.

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Maybe reinstall. Works fine on my 10


It works on my 10 as well.