Introducing first interactive watch face GAUSS Ultimate

Hi @ll,

i would like to introduce my first steps with my new premium status. I hope you enjoy it, i didn´t had much time to get used to all this very nice new features but i did my best to integrate them well.

It was a lot of work but i think it was worth it.


The Ultimate Experience.

Elegant classic look combined with all necessary features of a modern smartwatch.

Create your style and choose your informations.

-Interactive Apps


-Analog and digital time
-Temperature and air moisture
-24h display
-Moon phase
-Step counter
-Watch- and phone battery level
-Illuminated dim mode

Enjoy this unique masterpiece.



I was excited to purchase it to help show my support on your new venture but I cant see it. Does the publishing process take more time?

Yes, it‘s different to publish free watches.

It‘s in review mode now and will take some time until it get’s published.

Oh well I suppose that makes sense. Well when it clears I’ll give you a wrist selfie with my new Ticwatch.

Great! That would be very nice!

I myself have a problem: I can‘t buy/get/test my own watch face because i can‘t buy on ios. Maybe i must install an android emulator on my pc…

Well I’m in line waiting to purchase. I’ll send a selfie in my Gear S3 when I get it.

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Nice! You like the design? I did my very best to build a nice classic elegant watch.

how can i design an interactive watch face?


At the moment, these features are only available for premium designers.

Even for them it‘s brand new.

Interesting, I don’t use iOS so I have no answers I’m sorry but good luck.


Tested it all with chrome before publishing, should be okay…

I love the design!

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Wow ok this face was more than I expected. It was a great idea to have multiple color variations instead of just one color fits all kinda thing. I like being able to change the center, back lighting, accent colors and the hands. Great work my friend.

Thank you very much, @syntaxracing!

That was my goal - to create a fully themeable watchface. I wanted some more Choices but ran out of #VAR#-Options in that case. If i had 3 more VAR-Options i would have designed light effects on the subdials, a changeable outer ring and separate colours for the hour blocks. :slight_smile:

I mostly do everything in my watches in separate layers and so i can change them easily.

That brings up another important feature i would like to have for all of us.

At the moment, there is only one colour theme. I think, we need about four or five different separate themes (Hands, Text, Field colours, hour blocks, accents). This could save a lot of work and memory consumption. And it would be great if we could predefine the colours of this themes.

What do you think?

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Yeah that would be cool. It’s hard for me to say though because I don’t avidly know how all of that works as far as a separate layer for each or just a white later with a tint on it. So not really sure how to respond to that one.

This happened today though. Not sure if it’s my watch or the face. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and the first interactive face I’ve tried. After this it reset to green after about 10 seconds of it looking weird then went back to normal.

Huh. Interesting effect … the @Facer_Official should be informed about that issue.

@syntaxracing was it flickering like this? or did it stay in that weird state like this?

Hey @syntaxracing. I’m having issues changing the aspects of this face. I can change the color or the hands but that’s it. And when loading it takes a good bit of time to load I’m guessing that’s due to the interactive features. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t get the other areas of the face to change. Any tips from a premium designer such as yourself?

It stayed for about 10 seconds without flickering. It’s now done it twice today. I think it’s when I get a notification. It doesn’t do it with any of my faces though.