Introducing GAUSS-Kraftwerk

Hi @ll, i like to show my newest creation, the GAUSS-Kraftwerk.

It took a lot of time to build it because of the ability to customize it completly (and because i am on vacation now).

This one is different to the GAUSS Chamaeleon: You can get very fresh looks. It has more colour-combinations and some other materials.

To try out the combinations tap at the outer bezel areas between 9 o´clock and 2 o´clock.

i hope you enjoy!

Greetings, GAUSS


Wow impressive…I’m on vacation to in AZ where did you go?

Thanks, Selia. Well, this year we stay a home and make our vacation in our nice garden. :slight_smile: We just bought a big inflatable pool and a new lounge set for the terrace. The problem is that we have a lot of animals and 2 very old dogs…

Weather in Germany is awesome at the moment!

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Kudos! Great design!! :heart_eyes:

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Looks awesome!!! Enjoy your break :smiley:

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Wow sounds great…Enjoy

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Well enjoy your staycation and life with love and family! This great face will keep us busy in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @syntaxracing,

I will do! “Staycation” is a nice word, lol!

Here is a Screenshot of the watch face in full resolution:

Greetings, Phantasico aka GAUSS



Oh wow, Its nice to see it in full resolution. I actually didn’t notice how awesome the battery meters were on the small version. Thank you for sharing this. Your collection truly inspires me to really push my limits and be the best that I possibly can.

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Very nice watchface, I use it on the TicWatch Pro.

I have two qestions:
It takes some seconds to fully load up, and a good minute showing only the FACER Logo, that’s normal?

And another question: These blinking lights, do they need a lot of battery life? If yes, can they be shut off?

Hi @jsum.

Thanks for the nice compliment.

At first load it could take some time, that´s normal. The filesize of this watch face is bigger than other ones because of the massive amount of layer for customization. I am thinking of reducing them for future watch faces but want to keep it on the GAUSS-Kraftwerk. They make it unique and special.

To your question about the blinking lights: I don´t think they will consume that much of battery life and in dim mode they don´t work, because they are based on seconds…

I can´t make them switchable because i don´t have any switch left - they are all used for customization and the display change.

Maybe i will publish a new version in future, with less customization abilities, then it will be possible.

Greetings, GAUSS.

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Due to your (absolutly right) complaints i made a 2.0 Version of this watch face today.

I didn´t only changed the ability to switch off the animation.

Changelog Improvements:

-Added On/Off-Switch for the animation
-Redesigned most of the customizable objects
-Deleted battery- and memory consumpting customizable items
-Changed the Moon-Dial to a more realistic one
-Added a new very nice looking Dim-Mode

I hope you enjoy all these changes, it took me a lot of hours today… I am sorry that i had to create a 2.0 Version instead of changing the old version but imhO it was necessary to keep the foreign one.

Greetings, GAUSS


very cool design

Thanks a lot, @mwebba2005!