Introducing GAUSS Trance

Coming soon in this theatre … ;.)

Originally i just wanted to create guilloche patterns for future watch faces but it inspired me to build this one.

Hands, hour blocks and the inner field is customizable in different colors, there is a 5 phase dim mode and selectable double layered rotating patterns.

I hope you enjoy.


WOW!! You never cease to amaze me with the level of creativity that you show. I can’t decide if you are a genius or insane! Or maybe a little of both. Excellent work.

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Impressive to say the least! Good job!

Thank you very much for the nice feedback, @chadwgraves37 & @Linlay.

Chad, my wife was laughing about your comment.

There is a small line between Geniousity and Insanity, lol. I think i am a bit of both.

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Kind if like me. One foot on each side of that line straddling it!! I mean it with the utmost respect Grandmaster.

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Haha, nice picture walking that way! :joy::joy::joy: