Introducing GAUSS Winter

Hi @ll, i want to introduce my newest watch face called GAUSS-Winter. It´s the second edition of my seasons collection and it´s all free as a winter holiday christmas gift.

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy holidays, GAUSS.


Looks great, love the animation and snow effects! Runs very smooth on the watch.


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Thanks a lot for your feedback! Greetings, GAUSS.

Amazing work once again! Could I ask how you did you snowing effect?

looks awesome! how many PNGs are you using for the snow effect. I have to redo my snow globe from last year.


Thanks, @jmorga106 and @Orion

@Orion: It´s a simple repeating vertical scrolling with a little sine sidewards moving, consisting of two pictures. You can have a look how it works at the watch itself, inspection mode should be on.

@jmorga106: The snow effect is made with 10 double layer, so 20 at all. I drew them all by hand with different brush sizes and transparency levels.

Greetings, GAUSS.

Thanks! yeah… I’ll have to think about that some more

I could give you my snow.png´s if it helps then you would have a lot less work to do…No problem.

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I think I figured it out using your code with inspection mode. Thank you for the help!

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