Introducing my first watch face, the "Absolute Carbon"

I’m not exactly new with smartwatches and had some in the past, but never really as the S3 Frontier I recently bought. I used to collect watches as well and sort of got tired of replacing so many batteries or winding up the mechanical and automatic mechanical watches all the time and on top of that I had to change the hour as well (energy saving time they call that if I’m correct). So after 30+ watches I decided to hop in on the train and bought myself a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and I love it since you can change design as much as you want.

The first made design I made is how a watch should look and I though I throw in some branding as well and I hope it turned out pretty well.

On my browser the watch isn’t showing properly in here, so I hope it does on yours.


Seems to be working fine on my IPAD.

I really like the high contrast design and the yellow hands look really good!

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Thank you! I did spend some time on it to make it as good as it can be for a first timer. I did made a couple of others with one variant of this one.

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Nice job! I like the crisp design and contrasting colors.

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Thanks @Linlay! Better start with something good and try to keep some sort of standard in creating your watch faces right? I have a total of 5 now including a 24hr analog.

Nice work!

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@GAUSS Thank you very much!

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Smarty idea:)

welcome to the community ! very nice watch face , i would recommend adding shadows , you can easily do it in the facer creator , or try adding your own files for a better depth effect !

Sporty and elegant, beautiful!