Introducing myself too and a question or two


I’m also pretty new to making watchfaces. I have done UI design before.

Showcasing my first watchfaces:

JS Galaxies


As you can see I like vintage watches.

Now a question: What are the best resolutions to use? I have been using my watch res 450x450 but I always have to scale then up in the creator.

How good is the creator at downscaling images?

And second question: I can’t seem to get the preview image (the one shown in the watchface listings, not the actual preview you get when you click on a watchface) right. I have to update a watchface many times before it shows correctly.

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Hello, welcome, I like vintage watches and such faces and yours are nice. Just be careful with direct copies and brand names, such may be welcome by audience, but not so much by the authority.
Facer automatically downscales images to smaller size and adjusts them to 320x320 max or half the original size. What the actual stored size is, is not in documentation, but to make it easier with counts we mostly use 640x640 sources that automatically fill the 320x320 Facer canvas.
I am not sure what you mean with preview image. The time is always automatically set to 10:10:45. All others values are set taken as they were set in preview in the time of publishing.

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Thank you, that helps a lot.

I mean when you browse for example the “Elegant” category and you see al the watchfaces listed. At first mine will just be completely black or maybe just show a hand. Once I update the face a few times it will start showing the actual face in that listing too.

If you click on my watchface it will always display correctly in the preview…

Welcome to the Community, lots of friendly/helpful people here :smiley:
Those Faces you’ve shown us are real nice, you did a great job, especially with the Dim Display

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Yes, sometime images in watch faces are not saved properly - no clue why. There have been tricks talked about here how to publish watch faces to avoid that. For me what I need to do is:

  • Save the work in Facer Creator (not in the browser)
  • Go into the editor
  • forward the time and then publish
  • check the profile page if the watch face displays correctly, if not repeat the above
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Thanks, I’ll try that next time. It’s been bothering me every time I publish or change something.

Welcome to the community. You’ll find plenty of helpful info both by searching and asking. Everyone here is really great.
Nice faces you have created. I also much prefer classic analog faces but dabble in all types.