Introducing Quests

Have you ever dreamed of getting featured?
Want to be a rockstar in the watch world?
Here is your chance!

We are now preannouncing selected Categories as Quests. This increases your chance at getting featured. All you have to do is submit a watchface under one of the categories and our team will select some of the best designs to be featured. If you tweet/share your designs, they have higher chance of being featured, so don’t forget to share! Let us know here where you shared and we’ll take a look.

:zap: The Quests:

  • Sports and outdoor activities. Watchfaces that are perfect for surfing, running, biking, etc (functional)
  • Gamer: Any faces that have to do with gaming
  • Superhero: Faces that feature super heroes
  • Aviator/Military: Military or aviator style watch faces

alright heros, lets do this!


How do we submit a watchface to one of the categories?

Our team is looking for them when they are submitted, so no need to submit to specific category. However feel free to post them here to get some extra visibility!

So we can post shares to them here?


Here is my idea for a military/police/SWAT watch face:


Here are 2 versions of an aviator style watch face, inspired by a jet fighter HUD

I took the photographs of the F-18 used in the faces during River Fire in Brisbane Australia last year.


BTW what are the rules around copyright content. For example with the Superhero & gamer style aren’t the superhero’s or games copyrighted? I see a few faces for download using Micky Mouse, 007, Captain america images, Tag Heuer & Ferrari logos etc. Are we aloud to use such images? If so under what guidelines?


I saw that because I saw the “gamer” category in the app, so I guess I might be too late…
But for whoever feels like being a bad guys for a little while, join the Umbrella Corp. and organise the resident Evil:

Here’s my watchface for the gamer category. based on the game “Limbo” :