Introducing Real-Time 3D Watch Faces for WearOS

We’re incredibly excited to be releasing Facer 7.0 today, introducing real-time 3D watch faces for WearOS smartwatches!

This a huge step forward for the smartwatch world and will enable Facer’s brand partners and independent designers to create even more compelling watch faces than before.

With Facer 7.0, watch faces can now include:

  • Real-time 3D models, featuring high polygon count, high resolution textures, and lifelike rendering.
  • 3D-based procedurally generated visual effects
  • Interactive 3D animations
  • Dynamic lighting effects
  • Particle effects

:arrow_right: To read the whole announcement, please go to Introducing Real-Time 3D Watch Faces on Facer | by Ariel Vardi | Apr, 2023 | Facer

Known issues and limitations - April 19th 2023

  • Make sure to update both your watch and phone app to Facer 7.0.1 to use these new faces
  • Using the “preview” function to see the face on your watch before purchasing is currently not functional with 3D faces. Our team is working on a fix.

Will Facer be giving us a Clue as to whether we as Pro Makers will be able to Play with this New Facility or is it something for Facer Studios Exclusively .


Well for one, you’ll need Snapdragon 4100+ chip on you watch, otherwise it not compatible… so I’m out of the game… my ticwatch is not on the list… but haven’t figured out to creating something in 3D yet.


How do you get the work on the watch when it is done . It is suppose to be interactive ?

I’m not so excited as Facer Official is.
I took a look to the new 3D faces, and i think that those Watch Faces could be fit for kids, but for my 72 years old wrist they are are out of place.
I definitely prefer something more serious and more like a watch.
We will see how 3D modeling will evolve when applied to traditional watches.
At the moment I can’t imagine it.


I’d be more excited for some better developer tools. Only the latest and greatest in hardware will even be compatible with this.


I can imagine, that the virtual light source over some dial and hands in 3D scene could be manipulated with tags according the wrist movement, which could result in very realistic look with dynamic shades.
But since “3D faces” seem reserved for the newest wearOS watches, it does not excite me much, I do not have such and did not plan one yet.


Well yes, but I am thinking of the possibilities to create more refined faces.

How can these (I’m assuming .obj) models be implemented?


I would like to know a lot of things about the upgrade - also for free facemakers like myself - but I don’t spend my time on hanging on their lips. Got better things to do. But I wonder if F, on the requests page, ever reveals if and when/how a request will be reality. I went through some requests and it seems like a wishing well in Rome.

I did some process management in my days, and know you cannot invite your stakeholders to take a warmth bath and then leave them to dry in the cold. It would be decent and correct that every request would end at least with a yes or no from F. It needs interaction, so we don’t get to many negative leftovers after an upgrade. Perhaps some AI would even agree with me.


The 3d faces are not my cup of tea. They are more for children but it tells me NOT AVAILABLE. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. I’m a Premium subscriber. Thanks.

You should note what they say there:

it is because Gear S3 is smartwatch with Tizen OS = not compatible with the new feature.

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Similar to the new 3-D animals, is it possible to create something like that with other characters such as university or college mascots… Specifically, MSU’s Sparty.

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Welcome @adambragg You will have to ask a Partner to do it for you. They are the only ones who have acess to the Ray Tracing on thier Publications. That is as far a I know.

Oh great you broke positioning again, but worse this time! Is there a way to revert to a version that isn’t broken?

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@hawkuro. Wrong Topic I think.

This topic as far as I can tell is about the update that further broke the font positioning, which is what I’m (overly saltily, it was a fresh wound at the time) complaining about above. This is the same issue talked about in Positioning help - #29 by tom.vannes (this thread was made a week after my above comment). The problem got worse with this update so it’s relevant here.

See support request 110499 for further details on the original issue, my most recent email there points out that this update exacerbated the problem.

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Yeah. I just thought this Topic was about the New 3D Interactive Watch Faces from Facer.
You might get more Intrest in the correvt Topic. However well done for posting what you have and the Ticket Number.

I think the designs are very cute and fun! My kids love them. :grin: However, I like watch faces that show more information (Date, time, battery %, weather, steps… etc.)

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