Introducing the "As Seen on Instagram" collection

Hi all!

We are excited to be introducing a new collection on Facer called “As Seen on Instagram”. This collection will include all faces shown on wrist selfies that we repost on our Instagram account @facer_io

To get your wrist selfie featured on Instagram and the associated watch face featured in the collection, follow these steps:

  1. Post your wrist selfie on Instagram and make sure to both tag us with #facer and mention us with @facer_io
  2. If our team selects your wrist selfie, we will repost it on the @facer_io account, mention you and the author of the watch face for increased visibility, and will add the watch face in the collection.

If you are a watch face designer, make sure to encourage your fans to post wrist selfies on instagram with the proper tags and @ mentions! Every wrist selfie is an opportunity for your designs to get featured on Facer!

The Facer crew