Introducing work in progress: GAUSS-Lumina

Hi @ll. I want to introduce my current project and give some insights in my work flow.

First phase: Hand sketching

Second phase: 2D construction in AutoCad. (I forgot to take a picture…)

Third phase: 3D construction in AutoCad

Fourth phase: Opical finetuning in Photoshop.

As usual, there will be a lot of chooseable colors, seperately for the LCD-field, the deco elements and the light effects.


Cant wait to see the finished version, amazing!

Enjoy, ~Sirhc

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Awesome design with beautiful colors and surfaces! Congratulations!

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Thank you very much @csuporantal and @cdownie1967!

Incredible work. Is Auto Cad easy to design in? I use photoshop for mine but yours look amazing.

Beautiful curves and accents! Great work in progress :wink:! Cheers!

That’s unfair, you’ve got so much ideas and you work too good for us :grin:
Awesome work, congrats !!

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Well, this is hard to say … i am working with it about 20 years now, so i know how to construct 2d and 3d. I would say it will take some time to get used to it, especially 3d.


Uaaah. I am not unfair. I only have a good knowledge. Thank you for the nice comment, though. :slight_smile:

Hats off…

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First look:


Very nice and professional works ! it’s really your own style.
Long story short, like other famous brands, I can recognize a Gauss watch when I see it!

Thank you,@jeberuth, this is a nice compliment.

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Ok. Update: i added the customization layer.

You can play around with it. :slight_smile:
I think it looks quiet nice already.

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So many different options. Truly a work of art!!

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Thank you very much, @chadwgraves37! I do my very best. I love to give people choices on their personal design.

looking good.

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Thank you!

Final version.

Improved illumination, added interaction lock function, multiple app access and a fully operational word timer for the middle bezel.

Promo-banners and instructions:

I hope you enjoy!

Greetings, GAUSS.


Love the look. I really want those light bars to pulse with a Sin wave or something.