Introduction of Designers/Bio

Hi @ll,

call me curious, but i really would like to know more about all of you designers.

So maybe you would like to use this post to introduce yourself with a small bio.

For sure i will begin.

Username: Phantasico
Label: GAUSS
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
City: Small Village near Düsseldorf
Occupation: Teacher for technical drawer (Buildings/Structures)
Age: 53

I hope you will participate.



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This seems like a good way to bring the community together. I’ll join in.

Username: poopalah
Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Occupation: Student and Parkour/Freerunning Instructor
Age: 14

I should be publishing my first face on here soon, still working on it at the moment.

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Great idea! :thumbsup:
Username: jazzbassNick
Gender: Male
Country: US
City: Pasadena
Occupation: Professional bassist & Tech for local school
Age: 47

Nice community building @GAUSS!

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Good call @GAUSS
Username: syntaxracing (although trying to get it changed to orakix)
Label: Orakix
Gender: Male
Country: USA
City: Spokane
Occupation: I’m a new dad at home with my family for the next 4 weeks, then I return to work managing a dog grooming salon.
Age: 32

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Hey what’s up @GAUSS,

Gender: male
Country: USA
City: New York
a. Systems Analyst - websites, php, Visual Studio, IBM iSeries, Infor XA, SQL Server, MySQL, Catavolt, Tableau.
b. Online Professor: - Information Security & Risk Management
Age: 55

Congrats @syntaxracing!

Gender: male
Country: USA
City: Arizona
Occupation: Client Enrollment Specialist At a Financial Institution
Age: 27

I also like long walks on the beach lol

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Thank you so much! @jmorga106 it’s an amazing experience, definitely slows down watch face production but that’s a small price to pay for my little man.

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I’m game.

Label: None yet.
Gender: Male
Country: Sweden
City: Växjö
Occupation: Security coordinator at a university
Age: 38

Short bio:
Picked up Photoshop in the 90’s and haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve added Illustrator and InDesign to my bag of tricks and I’ve done a lot of graphic design throughout the years. I’ve worked as a webdesigner and I’m learning PHP, so I have a bit of programming in me. Since I now work in a completely unrelated field, I use my spare time for design, programming and dressing in armor and hitting people with longswords and other weapons. So yes, I’m working on a HEMA watchface as well. :slight_smile:

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That´s Funny. @szandor

I performed fighting with longsword, Shield, parry dagger … on medieval markets since 20 years now. At the moment my Family and me are Vikings. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Love this thread! We just started a new category for this here: Introduce Yourself! - FACER Community

Happy to tweak it based on your suggestions!

Username: ZhnKrdg
Gender: Male
Country: Turkey
City: Mudanya-Bursa
Occupation: Retired
Age: 52

Username: Zulkarneyin
Gender: Male
Country: Turkey
City: Osmaniye
Occupation: project manager at proton engineering and automation
Age: 35

I am married. I have 2 boys aged 1 and 2 and a half years old.