Invisible Wrist - Floating Watch Tutorial?

Hello There,

I started posting my watch faces on instagram, but I did not wanted to have my wrist there. So I made it invisible :wink:

Would you be interested to a tutorial how I did it? And do you :heart: such effects in general?


That looks like a “frame-by-frame” cleansing @Tomas :smile:

:wink: @jmorga106, sure possible, but no

Harry Potter’s invisibility charm… or rather, the Disillusionment charm (which would be more applicable)?

I will send you a picture in PM :wink:

Your talents never cease to amaze me!

hi Chad @chadwgraves37, thats (literary) just an illusion :wink: what about your new watch face for your girls? :wink:

They LOVE IT​:heart::heart::heart::heart:. They ask to see it everyday. I’m still in shock over it. Thank you so much.

That’s great!

And what about the rotating soccer ball? :wink:

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A rotating soccer ball would be neat. They liked that idea very much

abra cadabra magic Toma

Illuminati confirmed

… you all are right - its Harrys Potter hand holding the smartwatch… :wink:

Great symbiosis between tech & magic :wink:



Its really simple.

The Smartwatch doesn´t move. You are turning the whole world around it.

Did i win something?


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Was totally waiting for this response:


:joy: :joy: :joy: (from now on I do have two tricks)


Is amazing! Thank you for sharing! :wink: