IOS 17 public beta: can´t import watchfaces

I have IOS 17 beta on my iphone 11 and the beta version of watchOS on my Apple watch. Every watchface is be importet as a foto-watchface without complications. So complications are not working. I think this is a problem because of the beta OS systems? Is this known? Or may i have another problem?


edit: will there be an update of the facer app for IOS 17?
one more edit: I can´t save andpublish watchfaces on the website with safari browser. With chrome browser it works, safari is not possible.

To get answers to your questions you will need to contact Facer directly instead of though the community page which Facer doesn’t monitor. You can let them know about your issues here: .


thank you!

And remember: a “beta” is a test, a work in progress, and you’re supposed to let the beta developers know of any problems.

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