iOS Facer for Samsung Gear devices; better face syncing for iOS!

iOS Facer syncing to Samsung Gear devices has been hit or miss since i’ve started using facer over 6 months ago. I have not been able to sync any of my faces or ones i have bookmarked/faved on the site or the iOS Facer app.

Yes, its prob an issue w/Samsung and iOS but thats not my concern since i’m a consumer and this shouldn’t be on consumers to figure out/go through 10+ things to try to get a single watch face to sync. Perhaps some collobration w/Samsung and Apple?

For now, i’m back to using the crappy Samsung faces since well, they work and i all of my 5 quick pick faces were horrible and ugly; wish instead of the quick 5 pick of faces, it would pull our own faces we made vs random ones that could be good or most likely pure crap.

/rant want to love my Samsung Gear and Facer but it makes it hard when you can’t sync any faces you want for over a week.

You are right. I know this problem as well. I hope, @Facer-Staff will find a solution for this problem.