[iPhone, Ticwatch S] Failed to generate code, please check your internet connection


I have used my Ticwatch S with Facer on Android with no issues. I now have an iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.4.1) and I am not able to get Facer to work with it. I get to the point where I quad-tap on the watch face to bring up the QR code. However, I keep getting the “Failed to generate code, please check your internet connection” error message. I have tried on a few different Wi-Fi networks and I have tried rebooting and factory resetting the watch.

Hardware/Software Information
Ticwatch S
Build Number: OWDR.180307.010
Wear OS by Google 1.4
Android OS: 8.0
Facer Watch Facers app version: 4.6.2_96377

Facer Watch Facers iPhone App version 4.0.1
iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.4.1)

bump anyone have suggestions?

Same issue with Ticwatch Pro.
The official Facer stuff responsed that they are dealing with it.

Thanks for the update doublemarkpro!

I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling the app a few times on my watch and I was able to get the QR code, however the watchfaces don’t seem to transfer from my phone app to the watch even though the watchface is set on the watch. Its super weird, since I had zero issues with the same watch on Android.