IPhone X can’t install facer

So, I’ve had to reset my galaxy watch because of Bluetooth issues. Since the reset, I lost facer on my watch.
Tried reconnecting via the app and I get the galaxy app server error.
The website is wrong!! Galxy.us/facerios
I’ve got an iPhone X btw.
I haven’t been able to solve this and it’s so frustrating coz I’ve got facer premium and saved a bunch of faces.
Any ideas ?

All your watch faces are synced with your google play account. How did you connect your watch before the iPhone switch? other than that there is another solution to your problem:
Underneath the kitchen sink, there is mostly a bin. just chuck the iPhone X in there and you won’t have any issues anymore.

I’ve resolved the issue by downloading the facer companion app from the wearable app.
Btw, my bin is in the laundry but thanks for your concern.