Is It A Square Watch Or A Round Watch....It's BOTH!

In another thread we were discussing making round watch faces that would also work on a square face without having blank corners. I’ve spent today making two watch faces into the same face. This one is truly a round watch face that is also a square watch face. It’s also a color and black & white face as well. Just switch it between round and square and also active and ambient and see what I’m talking about.

MAG 1433

I hate to say this, but I think I like the square version just a little better than I like the round one…:astonished::laughing:


Buenos dias !!! mrantisocialguy :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

De ésta forma, entonces , uno puede programar un diseño, para un reloj de forma redonda… y que al provarlo en un reloj de forma cuadrada… ya , automaticamente se encuadra a la forma que correponde? Sin preocuparse de la preparacion y programacion?


Sí, debería funcionar igualmente bien en un reloj redondo o cuadrado. Desearía tener un reloj cuadrado para usar con fines de prueba, pero lamentablemente no tengo uno y no se puede comprar ningún reloj en forma cuadrada, excepto Apple y los más baratos de Amazon. De los cuales ninguno hará lo que necesito para probar. :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, it should work equally well on a round or square watch. I wish I had a square watch to use for testing purposes, but sadly I don’t have one and you can’t buy any square shaped watches except Apple and the cheapest ones from Amazon. Of which none will do what I need to test. :disappointed_relieved:

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That works really well, great job Mr Antisocial Guy Sir, quite impressive :+1: I often think the Square Face designs look better than the round ones…makes me wish I could afford an Oppo Watch, I already have a really nice Oppo Phone :smiley:
P.S. I wish you guys would speak in English, I can’t always access a Translator so often have no idea what you’re saying :joy:


I’m sorry Gizmo, I’m just trying to be nice to @cardozo198013 . I use the Microsoft Edge web browser for my watch work and have Google Translate on another tab so I can quickly translate between us. As for my Spanish abilities without Google, all I can do is say good morning, good afternoon and good evening plus a few swear words. :laughing:


Yo voy a ocuparme , para ver si encuntro alguin que tenga un reloj de forma cuadrada, y voy a ver como trabaja el sistema … :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
Y depues le informo, para sus notificaciones ! mrantisocialguy :writing_hand:

En si… es expetacular, lo que usted creo…!!! Va a hacer muy comodo la programacion!!!
para todos nosotros…
De mi parte , con todo respeto!!! muchas gracias por su tiempo y dedicacion !!! :ok_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too, I am working with two monitors at the same time !!! :grinning:
with one I make the designs and with the other communicating and translating with google …
Very nice!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :writing_hand: :ok_hand:

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Ha ha, it’s all good my friends, I’m just a lazy bugger :joy: Probably won’t be on here too much over the next couple of days, my mum wants me to paint the garden fence, shed, and then the lounge, so maybe I’ll be coming back with some different colour schemes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Buenas dias mrantisocialguy

Te he prometido de ver, como funciona tu programacion en un reloj de forma cuadrada…
Todavia no he podido encontrar por mis conocidos , que laguien lo tenga para poder provarlo…

Si todavia es actual el tema…
Seguiré buscando para provarlo!
Cordialmete JDCardozo