Is it possible to add a 12 and 24hr function?

I want to add text to my face: 12 and then 24 Hours and apply tags; so, the user can press on each one to change the format? Is this possible, if so, what would be the tags?


If you want to switch the 24/12 format yourself, you will need to use the VAR variable
I don’t see much point in this, if the user has set the clock format to 24, why would they want to forcibly switch to a 12-hour clock?

You could also just go into the Facer settings on the watch and change it. That is, tap 3x as if to change faces, tap the right arrow all the way until you get to the settings menu & set it to 12/24 hr mode. Then hit the x at the bottom and you are back at your face with the mode you selected. It’s a few steps, but once you are there, you probably won’t change it again.

You can also use your Facer app and just go to settings and click the 12/24 choice. I get more requests to add a color change option than anything else. But me being a free user, I can’t do that.