Is it possible to apply textured text?

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Apologies if this is already covered elsewhere but I’m very new to making watch faces (only started on Saturday) and can’t find any examples or info in the tutorials. I’m wondering if it’s possible to apply a texture to a font or import a textured font? I’m trying to make a digital display where the numbers look like metal (e.g. brushed steel) - is this possible? If so any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

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You can either do it yourself in Photoshop or another like program or the easiest in my opinion would be to import your own font. To do this in the creator add your text and select the “FONT” button and scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see “upload font”, click that and find the font file you have downloaded or created and upload it.

Hi and thank you for the response. I did try downloading a textured font file and applying this to the face. Whilst it imports the “shape” of the font correctly the colour/texture is just plain white. The example I used can be found here - Equalize Font - FontMagic

Unfortunately I don’t have Photoshop but from browsing these forums I understand that I may be quite limited without it. Just wondered if there was another way to do it.

If you go to the link you send and scroll down you can see that the font doesn’t have the “metal” texture to it. Just the one he shows for the name of the font “Equilize” has the effect but not the actual font itself.

You can search google for Metal or Metallic Font PNG, to find some png files. that would solve your texture issue. You would just have to cut out each letter individually. I can do that for you if you need me to, if you can find a vector or png you would like to use. I converted this from a vector to a png below.

Hi @JenniTheBushKangaroo, here is my way to use own text for digital time. A lot of nice graphic could be done in seconds in PowerPoint e.g.

yes, i always forget about PowerPoint