Is it possible to make this work

I’m working on a new face and wanted to use progress bars for it but cant get tags right for the day of week ,month, day of month and phone battery lvl to work as planned

any suggestions on how to make this work if possible would be much appreciated


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Sorry, from what can be seen is hard to deduct how you planned them to work. Maybe if you described more your intention and how far you managed to make it work?

for example
day of week - I think there could be easy fix with just rotate it back for about -26° or the day labels forward 26°
month - (#DM#*30/360) and rotate depending how you place the labels (15° from the 12h position)
day of month (#Dd#*11.6/360) if you plan to use fixed 31 labels. (or no labels at all? then actual number of days in month can be used (#Dd#/#DIM#)
phone battery lvl (#PBN#/100) or (#BLN#/100)

My plan was for it to have all the normal info on a watch just using the rings instead of hands or meters or gauges or text …and each ring would fill or empty as needed for the different info it was providing I.E. the second ring fills as the seconds count down…minute ring fills as minutes count down ECT. It was planned tht the rings would go DOW,MOY,DOM,seconds, minutes,hours,WBL,PBL,and step counter

I am still working on the overlay graphic for the hours,MOY,and DOM

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