Is the 10 faces the limit?

Hi, is there any way to get more than 10 faces in the most recent? This app would be really great if I could just install all the faces I wanted and be able to change them from my watch. At this point what I have to do is add them to my favorites <3 then find them in my phone and activate them from there. I had no clue about this so I wasted about 3 hours of my time adding faces only to find out that the best onest I went with first were long gone… Great app but you really need to change this limit. The Samsung faces I can add and add and add and there seems to be no end, I have 50+ and can change them from the galaxy watch directly.

The only way to increase the total is to pay them a monthly fee. Then you get a whopping 20 faces. I have a webpage wrote that has links to all the faces I want to use. All I have to do is open that page with my phone, click the link and it opens the face in the Facer app. Simple though not saved in the watch itself. It is what it is I guess.

Different business models, and very different businesses… Facer needs to pay for servers, system creators, Marketing, provide return to Premium face designers etc, Samsung happily loses money on wearables as a means of eating into Apple market share with a closed OS. Oh, and then there’s device memory capacity. Just saying. Cheers R

Thank you for the answer, 20… Eh. Do you know if I get the paid version if it will stop changeing the background image to potato quality from 8k when trying to make my own face?

No that won’t change. Your best off using a 640x640 graphic because Facer will automatically reduce it’s size by one half to 320x320. Nothing we can do to change that.