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Is there a code for having an element work as a web link?

I’ve been working on a goal orientated theme astrolabe calendar and If I can have an element function as a web link for the watch face or maybe even the connected smart phone, the possibilities are lightyears of quotable phrases beyond my current fathom of developmental dementia. I don’t currently have pro as I’m not a professional at this yet… I’m somehow working as a forklift operator with a doubled Galaxy watch phone, I almost have time to tinker with as my time management piece is… still under construction. I’m more curious if this is possible in premium, as I figure this has been developed in pro, but without pro how do you know?

Oh, look at that… time for work… Hahaha.

All I know is that you have to have Pro/Premium to be able to have any kind of interactions on a Face. Maybe @kvansant or @mrantisocialguy could advise further? I know they have Pro/Premium, whatever it is lol

There are some user selectable elements in the Pro upgrade. When those are put in a watch face the end user can link to whatever app or data the watch has access to. I don’t know if it could be linked to an internet URL or not, but I’m pretty sure it could be linked to a browser app on the watch. But that would have to be set up by the end user of that watch face.

I think, there is no such link you can use in normal creator. But in pro there are only two link, one for watch face link and another is profile link.

That’s correct, so you cant just send people anywhere.