Is there a true max to total assests?

Question is, I want to add a lot of “animations” to the face I’m making. I only need a few of them up at a time, more than the watch can handle with great fps. The trouble is what to do with the unused assets while theyre unused? For example, I want a set of lets 5 small animations running between minutes x-y of any particular hour, then change those 5 to 5 others at minutes a-b durning the same hour. I’ve done this in the past by just shrinking the assests (images) to the smallest I can scale them during the minutes theyre unused, even moving their x or y positions far off the watchface too keep them away. I understand theyre always there with the methods I’m using. I’m a bit more than a drag and drop user for facer, hoping for some patient advice, thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if there is a max. There is a performance hit once you start getting up there (over 50 or so). I have a few tutorials on animations that go into it. One thing that will slow the creator down is using random functions.