Is there any way to theme various objects with different colors?

I see “Themes” in the editor. But I don’t see a way to have more than one color. (I’m in Pro mode)

Would be really nice if I could allow the user to change, for example, the color of each clock handle and the background color independently.

I would also love a way to use expressions for RGB levels on objects to animate colors.

Thank you!

Currently the only way to theme in different colors would be to build your watch face and rebuild other watch faces in different colors over it. You will have to use variables and set up an area to tap to increase the variable. Then use Opacity with the variable to determine weather to show or hide each item based upon the current variable.
To get some help check out: Interactive Variables & Layers

I already put in that request prior about using tags and formulas with colors and included about RGB. You can put a picture up twice over each other that are different colors and then put your formulas inside of Opacity to have it fade between the 2 pictures. That will give a smooth transition.