Is this allowed? and tell me what you think

I am a fan of vintage watchfaces as you can seen on my profile…
Now I have created a vintage Rolex Submariner watchface with Patina… is this possible to publish (i am proud of it…) or am I in trouble?
U see more real brands so will Rolex of Face punish me for his… i’m not selling!
see gif(if it works), tell me what you think?


No you should not publish it. Just keep it for yourself.

The terms of service on Facer prohibit publishing faces that misuse the intellectual property of others and this particularly applies to brand names. If you publish it it will end up being deleted.

Whilst it can be initially tempting to publish faces with famous brand names or to copy the designs of others, real satisfaction and success on Facer comes from creating your own brand and building it with designs you can call your own.


@mikeoday thanks for your answer, noted… i’m not publishing it…
The animations you create, is that done with a paid account? or can that be done with the free one…?

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Everything possible in Creator Pro is possible with the free account except user interactions. So as long as you don’t need the user to do anything more than switch the watch from dim to bright mode then you should be ok with the free version.

In my designs, I use the premium features to launch Apps, change colours, configure hands, display menus, etc.

Animations that do not involve any of the above can still be done with the free version.

What in particular are you thinking of trying to do?

Love to show part mechanical movements visiable… as I have on my 3D models…
I try to work with the Galaxy watch designer but for uploading watch faces… you need to bring a lot of other info … silly…

Ok, that is fairly straightforward.

As you will have already noticed, Facer is based on layers that sit over each other.

If you click on the the small icon that looks a bit like a cartoon spaceship - you will find it on the top right of the Creator window - you will open up the advanced tab. It is in this tab that you change the centre location ( X & Y positions ) , size, rotation, etc. of your layered objects.

Most ( maybe all, I’ve not tried ) of the fields in the advanced tab will accept static values or expressions that give a different result over time.

You will find the documentation, including examples and tutorials, by clicking on the “?” symbol at the top right of the window.

Expressions are build around Tags - these are reserved words contained in a pair of ## symbols. you need to follow the syntax rules when using tags and expressions or the resultant expressions may not work on all smartwatches.

A few points to watch out for:

You can place single tags in the fields without enclosing them in brackets.

Tags plus text are ok in the text field of a text object.

Any expression that returns a value needs to be enclosed in a pair of () brackets.

Spaces are not allowed in expressions.

In conditional statements, use “==” instead of “=” to test for equality ( some smartwatches don’t like “=” ).

In conditional statements, don’t enclose a “test” in () brackets. For example,

$(#Db#%6)>3&&#DD#<100?50:100$  is ok
$(#Db#%6)>3&&(#DD#<100)?50:100$ is not, and neither is

Anyway, the documentation has more useful hints, etc.

I hope that helps.

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Oh, and another thing to watch out for is that all images ( including hands ) rotate about their centre pixel.

No you can’t.

@mikeoday You are awesome.
That is all. As you were.

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Thanks@Rator :grinning:

Hi Rator,
saw you comments a bit late… thanks for your most helpful tips…
I’ll try to work with that…Ill show you te results…my expertise is 3D this is new to me…

Again many thanks…

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You’re welcome? I think you meant @mikeoday !

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Yeah, silly me sorry @mikeoday thanks a lot about the help…

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I think it’s Boss!! But on the other hand someone might want royalties. Lol

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