Is this Apple model correct?

I made this Apple model but I don’t have the watch to see it and I also made it to start learning with it… could you please take a look?

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I cannot test it either . Interesting method of changing the Weather for day night . It is usual to change the position . It seems like the Night ones are not working . Personally because of the work you have done I would show off it where the Moon is and put the moon in the corner . More later . I have stuff to do .

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The step count is always a problem, because some people out there do a lot of steps.

So I always test if a large number fits. For example, if 10000, or 100000 fits.
If not, then limit the max number of steps, or make the font smaller.

So, limit to 10000: (clamp(#ZSC#,0,10000))
or 99999, because one more digit more s too much: (clamp(#ZSC#,0,99999))

Same with the temperature. Imperial can be 122°F, so test if it fits.

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Hey friend,
I’ll see if I can do what you instructed me to do here, but if you fix these details, does the watch work correctly?
And, to change the temperature to °F and also maintain the °C? Is it good? So it can be used here in America and Europe

Oi amigo,
Vou ver se acerto fazer aqui o que me orientou mas, arrumando esses detalhes o relógio funciona corretamente?
E, pra mudar a temperatura para o °F e manter também o °C? Fica bom? Pois assim ele pode ser usado aqui na América e Europa?

Yes, works fine. “clamp” just stops at the number you define. So if you say 10000, then 10001 will not show, it will stay at 10000.

For temperature, it depends what you set on your watch. What I meant, is that you can test what it would look like, by switching between Imperial and Metric::

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I changed the steps and reduced the size of the temperature, I’m using a code to change the temperature on my own…it’s all open…you can take a look because I don’t have a smartphone. Apple here in Brazil they are very expensive…

Eu fiz a alteração dos passos e, reduzi o tamanho da temperatura, estou usando para temperatua um codigo que faz a alteração do clima sosinho…ele está todo aberto…pode dar uma olhada pois, eu não tenho um smartphone da Apple aqui no Brasil eles são bem caros…

You should correct the following:
Text: (clamp( #ZSC #,0,99999))

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