Is this possible?

Hi guys,

Ive created some watch faces with a VW camper van theme and was wondering if its possible to have the Left / Right indicators flash alternately to show seconds?

Is this possible? if someone would kindly talk me thru it as im a very new designer that would be appreciated.

Best wishes Glenn - nitronoddy

I’m not really sure what do you mean, but I believe it should be possible.
By “flash” you mean having an element show up and hide in regular intervals - that is possible.

Can you again and with more detail explain when you want said flashing to happen?

Personally, and I haven’t been at this long, I would probably create two separate little images of the indicators and put them in place, then use the “opacity breather” or the “fade in/out” functions the The Kitchen Sink | Facer Documentation watch face employs. Tweaking the code a bit for the timing you’re after.