[Issue] Broken Badges

Hi all!
I think the community here at Facer is one of the best around - I enjoy getting help and helping others (and recently applied to be a premium member after surpassing the sync requirements, fingers crossed!). However, a few of the badges don’t seem to be attainable. E.g. How do we reply to a post via email? How do we invite users? I can’t seem to find the links to do these things, and it seems that the number of people with those badges is 0. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:


Hi @roycaruso! Which badges are you referring to? Is this something that you’ve seen in this forum? We use an off-the-shelf forum platform and there may be features we’re not even aware of :wink:

Hi @Facer_Official ! I’m referring to the badges available under this tab (pictured):

They dictate our ‘trust and helpfulness’ levels. I’ve just been upgraded to one of the higher tears (I think there are 12 of us) and would like to keep collecting, but some don’t seem to be possible (e.g. reply to post via email, invite users) :slight_smile: It’s a shame you don’t check it out much, it lets you know your biggest contributors in the community :slight_smile:

Also, as an aside, I just noticed that I’ve had a few more faces featured, but didn’t get emails letting me know?